Our Story

Back To Broth was born out of a deep appreciation in the ability to heal oneself with food. Over the years, Jenny and Chelsea had both made batches of broth and herbal remedies as a nourishing self-care practice. While pursuing our Master's in Nutrition at the National University of Natural Medicine here in Portland, the idea of turning this passion into a business and partnering together took off. It was there that we learned the importance of holistic health and how broth could play a role in helping to heal the gut, the immune system, the nervous system, and so much more. Healing these bodily systems has been at the forefront of both of our lives. Jenny has consumed broth as a way to help manage her psoriasis flare-ups and nourish her gut, while Chelsea has consumed broth as a way to soothe her digestive and nervous system.


We have seen the powerful ways that broth can enrich our lives by allowing us to be more present, take things slower, make community connections, and nourish our bodies from the inside out. In a world where the quick fix is the most coveted fix, we aim to make Back To Broth the one that throws a wrench in that. Making broth in itself is an ancient, slow process that takes patience, and communicating this message to the consumer is part of our mission. This is why we SIP SLOW. Sipping slow is more than just with broth, it’s a lifestyle in which we can all take part in. Savor it up, friends!
Thank you for being part of this.


With Gratitude,
Jenny Affan, MScN & Chelsea Benjamin, MScN
Back To Broth Co-Founders