Health Coaching

Broth is just one aspect of the bigger picture of your health. Whether you need guidance with your food choices, lifestyle adjustments, health concerns, mind/body connection, food relationship, some accountability or just 1-on-1 encouragement - our qualified health coaches are here for you. Each of our coaches has different specialties, so you can decide who will best suit your needs. 

- Meet Our Health Coaches -
Shannon Oddo, MScN | nutrition basics, health at every size, thyroid health

My passion is community education. Whether that means giving you the low down on the basics of nutrition and how to apply that knowledge to your life, or supporting you while you navigate autoimmune disease, or being your health at every size cheerleader as you work to find balance. As a coach my goals are to give you customized support unique to you and your challenges, increase your self awareness and self confidence, help you set goals and hold you capable. If that sounds up your alley then we will be a good fit!

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Chelsea Benjamin, MScN | digestive health & holistic nutrition
My goal is to help you restore a healthy and balanced relationship within yourself through nutrition and lifestyle. I work with clients with a focus on healing the metabolism, addressing stress and digestion, simplifying nutrition overwhelm and food-choice-fatigue, and fueling the body with replenishing, nutrient-dense foods. Together, we'll identify and break down barriers you're facing regarding your health from a holistic lens, so you can feel supported and empowered to make truly lasting changes.

Jenny Affan, MScN | mindfulness, intuitive eating, food relationships/food story
My mission is to guide other’s on their own healing journey as we explore the ins & outs of your relationship with food. This includes diving into your own food story and how food has played a role in your life not just physically- mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If you’re seeking ways to lean more into a mindful & intuitive way to relate with food, I am here to help :)